The CIR was founded 40 years ago, at that time also to support the Sandinista revolution. The disappointment at the development of Nicaragua under Daniel Ortega and his unspeakable wife into a veritable dictatorship was and is all the greater.

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Today, CIR is involved in supporting human rights activists throughout Central America, which, with the exception of Costa Rica, are also fragile states. Today, CIR is active in human rights work in Central America, among other things.


  • Roger Peltzer

    70 years old, married, 3 children and soon 4 grandchildren. I studied economics at the University of Münster and then completed a postgraduate course at the German Institute for Development Policy (now IDOS).

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Roger Peltzer

[wpml-string context="pb-bioinfo" name="info-1"]70 Jahre alt, verheiratet, 3 Kinder und bald 4 Enkel. Ich habe an der Universität Münster Volkswirtschaft studiert und anschließend den postgraduierten Kurs am deutschen Institut für Entwicklungspolitik (heute IDOS) absolviert.[/wpml-string]

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